Supporting New Pre-Apprenticeship Program in Indianapolis

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Indiana OWBLA Certifies New Pre-Apprenticeship with Tonn and Blank Construction

The Indiana Office of Work-Based Learning and Apprenticeship (OWBLA), an initiative within the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, recently certified a new pre-apprenticeship program to build a talent pipeline for Hoosiers looking to enter the construction industry in the Indianapolis area.

The pre-apprenticeship is a State Earn and Learn (SEAL) program that will start enrollment in the fall of 2023. This opportunity was made possible through a partnership with the Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters, Area 31 Career and Technical Education Center on the west side of Indianapolis, and Tonn and Blank Construction, LLC.

“IKORCC is one of the state leaders in pre-apprenticeship,” said Senior Director of Office of Work-Based Learning and Apprenticeship Jason Graves. “It is amazing to see students bring the skills and credits they gain from a high school experience directly into such a quality program. This program builds both relevance and rigor for any young person looking toward their future.”

SEAL programs are work-based learning that include paid work experience, on-the-job training, classroom learning, mentorship, credentials and rewards for skill gain. A SEAL must be certified by OWBLA. Students can receive up to one year of credit into a Registered Apprenticeship, meaning higher wages, earlier completion and reduced cost for the employer.

“The IKORCC is proud to build upon our already successful partnership with Area 31, our signatory contractor, Tonn and Blank, and the Office of Work-Based Learning and Apprenticeship,” said Hope Harp, IKORCC Outreach Specialist. “This pre-apprenticeship will increase availability of relevant work-based learning experiences for students still in school and create a solid pathway to apprenticeship and a career with the IKORCC.”

Tonn and Blank Construction will support Area 31 with work-based learning opportunities that include guest speaking, job shadowing, career fairs and project site visits.

“Area 31 Construction Trades is grateful for its partnership with IKORCC and Tonn and Blank Construction,” said Patrick Biggerstaff, Area 31 Career Programs Director of Career, Technical and Adult Education. “The opportunities and supports provided through this SEAL experience will undoubtedly enhance high-quality career and technical education programming for the benefit of local students.”

OWBLA assists employers in expanding work-based learning and apprenticeship opportunities throughout Indiana. This can be through certified SEAL, pre-apprenticeship and Registered Apprenticeship programs. Employers and individuals can learn more about work-based learning here.