Architecture & Design

Architecture & Design

A solid foundation is vital for the sound structures we build and it begins with Architecture & Design.

Our architecture and design services offer the support necessary to set the stage for a successful project. Our in-house design team fosters a streamlined construction process that gives our team immediate access to the field and effective communication throughout the project.

Your vision

It drives the entire design and construction process from the first sketches to the day the doors open. It will then become an essential and valued asset of the community it serves—a responsibility and honor we share.

The art and science of seamless construction—the process that advances your vision demands intricate planning, a thorough grasp of the entire building progression, and a healthy respect for the unforeseen overcome by agile adaptability.

For a century, an ever-growing number of returning clients attest to our value and inspire us to continually stretch the boundaries of creativity.

Design Phases

Conceptual Design

During the initial phases of your project, you’ll work alongside our design professionals to determine a consistent understanding of your ideas and intentions. We’ll explore preliminary visual concepts to assure we have a shared understanding of your building’s esthetics and functions.

Schematic Design

In this phase, our design professionals move the conceptual design into schematic expressions that describe the architectural and site aspects of your project. This is the time when our team explores alternatives to address scale, form, physical terrain to achieve the best possible design solutions for your project.

Design Development

During the Design Development phase, we work closely with you to finalize the schematic designs so that your team and ours fully understands how every aspect is integrated into a whole working project. While we still build in time for alternate approaches and creativity, this phase assures that we are all in agreement before equipment arrives at the site and your vision begins to take shape.

Construction Documents

Far more than blueprints and papers, our complete design documents cover every element of your project. These documents, which serve as a project handbook, will provide essential references that will, for example, inform pricing, assist in obtaining building permits, define schedules and manpower for every aspect of your building.

Healthcare Planning Services

Being the most trusted healthcare contractor in the Midwest, we’ve expanded our services meet the needs of our hospital and health systems clients. Our strategic healthcare planning services span from planning to implementation and support. Our consultants have a thorough understanding of healthcare code regulations and facility guidelines to produce a sound healthcare strategy that addresses the needs, timelines, and objectives of your facility.

Service Offerings:

  • ISDH Board of Health Analysis
  • Test-Fitting
  • Adherence of Facility Guidelines Institute
  • Construction Documents
  • State Review
  • Building Permits
  • Understanding of Medicare/Medicaid guidelines

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