The Resurrection of Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Project News

From the sanctuary to the sacristy, no stone was left unturned in this monumental church restoration. Our restoration journey spans 10,830 square feet, encompassing the heart and soul of our parish. The renovation, led by Tonn and Blank, not only restores but elevates our sacred spaces to new heights.

Triumph of Hope

Tonn and Blank served as Construction Manager for The Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana’s church restoration efforts. A cornerstone of the Remington, Indiana community since 1875, Sacred Heart Catholic Church faced a devastating fire on December 28, 2020. The fire significantly damaged the basement and first floors of the church, necessitating a comprehensive church restoration effort. The Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana, representing the church, sought to restore the building to its pre-fire condition while enhancing certain aspects of its design

Tonn and Blank Construction, renowned for its expertise in religious projects, was entrusted with the restoration of Sacred Heart Parish Church. Recognizing the significance of this project, Tonn and Blank assembled its most experienced construction management team to undertake the church restoration endeavor.

The scope of the project encompassed the renovation of the church’s interior, balcony, and basement, spanning across 10,830 square feet. This included the restoration of various spaces such as the parish hall, kitchen, youth room, restrooms, storage rooms, sanctuary, cry room, vesting sacristy, working sacristy, choir balcony, and more. Tonn and Blank undertook self-performed work including concrete, rough framing, cabinetry, countertops, finish carpentry, door installations, and plumbing fixtures.

Restoration Challenges

Throughout the church restoration process, Tonn and Blank encountered several challenges that demanded innovative solutions:

Structural Integrity: During demolition, it was discovered that a closet under the existing stairs served as crucial structural framing. Collaborating with ARSEE Engineers, a solution was devised to support the stairs while concealing the structural elements.

Limestone Excavation: Excavation for footers revealed the presence of large limestone chunks, requiring meticulous removal to facilitate the placement of footers.

Elevation Alignment: The existence of three different elevations on the first floor posed a challenge in creating a seamless transition between spaces. Careful planning and execution were necessary to ensure fluidity in the design.

Balcony Reconstruction: Dismantling the existing balcony wall revealed structural deficiencies. Tonn and Blank, in collaboration with the architect, redesigned the balcony wall by extending the Nave wall and integrating it with a glass wall, altering the original design while prioritizing safety and functionality.

Key Project Features

Preservation of Historic Integrity: Tonn and Blank meticulously preserved the historic elements of the church while implementing modern enhancements to meet contemporary standards.

Efficient Project Management: Despite challenges, Tonn and Blank adhered to strict timelines and budgetary constraints, ensuring timely completion of the project.

Enhanced Safety Measures: Incorporating state-of-the-art fire alarm systems and structural reinforcements, the restored church prioritized the safety and well-being of its occupants.

Community Engagement: Throughout the restoration process, Tonn and Blank fostered open communication with parishioners and stakeholders, ensuring transparency and collaboration at every stage.

The church restoration for Sacred Heart Parish Church stands as a testament to the resilience and dedication of the community. Through meticulous planning, innovative solutions, and unwavering commitment, Tonn and Blank Construction successfully restored the church to its former glory, preserving its legacy for generations to come. The completed project not only reinstated the church’s functionality but also revitalized its spiritual significance within the Remington community.