Lafayette Central Chapel

Project Completed in
Lafayette, IN

Project Features

10,830-square-foot restoration and remodel

New exterior protective glazing and stand offs for all windows

Interior decorative painting and staining

Masonry tuckpointing

Hardwood flooring replacement

Two-story connector building

Project Description

Tonn and Blank Construction served as Construction Manager for the Lafayette Central Chapel restoration. It’s always a challenging yet rewarding journey when tasked with renovating or repairing a chapel that has fallen into disrepair or has been damaged in some way. Restoration of the 10,830sf chapel process involved identifying and addressing any structural damage or deterioration, repairing or replacing damaged elements including foundation, masonry, flooring, walls, windows, roof, and restoring decorative features, and upgrading electrical, heating, and plumbing systems.

Tuckpointing was an important process for maintaining the structural integrity of masonry walls, as well as improving their aesthetic appearance. By replacing the deteriorating mortar with fresh, strong mortar, the walls are better able to resist the effects of the unpredictable Midwest weather and time.

We’re no stranger to restoring stained glass windows and ensuring the work is done in a manner that preserves the original character and significance of the building. The restoration process includes cleaning the glass using specialized solvents and tools to remove dirt, grime, and other deposits that have accumulated over time. In some cases, the restoration team may need to source replacement glass that closely matches the original to ensure that the restored window or panel blends seamlessly with the surrounding glass.


Our team also restored the surrounding concrete sidewalks, curbs and asphalt parking area.

Tonn and Blank’s in-house team provided the following self-perform services:

– Demolition
– Concrete
– Rough Carpentry
– Doors, Frames and Hardware
– Finish Carpentry

Value engineering is a powerful systematic approach that focuses on improving the value of our construction services for the Owner. By identifying and eliminating unnecessary costs, improving quality and efficiency, our team reduced costs by $70,000 overall.

Hardwood flooring was replaced throughout the chapel nave. A chapel nave is a term used in architecture to describe the central space of a chapel, which is typically long and narrow, and flanked by rows of pews or seating on either side. The term “nave” is derived from the Latin word “navis,” meaning “ship,” and the architecture of many chapels and churches is said to be reminiscent of a ship, with the nave representing the hull or main body of the vessel.

We’re so proud to breathe new life into this building. The photos are stunning, but it’s even more impressive in person!