Computer Services Inc

Project Completed in
Valparaiso, IN

Project Features

Front Entrance

Training Center

Conferencing Area

Break Area

Atrium Corridor

Project Description

Tonn and Blank Construction was tasked with providing an addition and renovation to a facility that has seen five additions since being built in 1966. Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) provides financial technology software to financial institutions and a variety of other industries nationwide.

This project included a 9,500 square foot addition which serves as a new front entrance, a spacious training, conferencing and break area, and a new atrium corridor connecting the entrance with the rest of the building. Of importance to CSI was integrating their existing 27,000 square foot building and new addition with a cohesive exterior architectural vocabulary. Due to the high security nature of the internal operations, original facades had few windows.

As the functions planned for the addition were more collaborative, increased transparency was possible there, which initiated the addition of strategically located clerestory windows in the existing building to introduce natural light. The use of glass curtain wall and silver metal façade panels wrapping new and existing, and the integration of CSI corporate colors into the façade, were key to expressing a modern and inviting face to the community.