La Porte County Courthouse

Project Completed in

Project Features

40,000 sqft 100-year-old building renovation project + a 30,000 sqft seamless addition

Two existing courtrooms enlarged and renovated

Two new courtrooms added

Restrooms redesigned to be compliant with the federal American with Disabilities Act

Secure lobby entrance

Secure parking area

Project Description

Tonn and Blank Construction was selected as the CMC for the historic LaPorte County Michigan City Courthouse (originally built in 1909) Renovation and Addition project to meet the growing needs of the courthouse staff. The original design was over budget and the City officials looked to Tonn and Blank to assist getting the project back within the approved budget. Working closely with the architects and engineers, our team put together a design option which was approved by the County and moved the project forward in late 2019. 

The project was a unique challenge given we were faced with a global pandemic, but also because we were tasked with breathing new life into this historic structure while preserving its past. Our team renovated the 40,000 square foot 100-year-old building and managed to maintain the original aesthetic throughout the 30,000 square foot addition. The objective was to make the addition seamless, so it wasn’t apparent if you were in the old or new portion, all within a compressed schedule and firm budget.

Our team completely removed everything, drywall, insulation, ceiling fixtures, floors, and interior walls. New exterior walls were spray foam insulated and reframed, along with adding brand new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. The renovation consolidated several services currently being housed in nearby buildings, including Auditor’s Office, Treasurer’s Office, Assessor’s Office, LaPorte County Health Department, adult and juvenile Probation Department, IT, Prosecutor’s Office, and Sheriff Department. The existing courthouse’s stairways, elevators, and restrooms will be redesigned to be compliant with the federal American with Disabilities Act. Two existing courtrooms will be enlarged and renovated. Two new courtrooms were added maintaining the second level for superior courts. A hearing room is located on the third floor. A new inmate holding area, a secure lobby entrance, and a secure parking area for judges is also part of the addition. 

Project Completion: January 2022

Cost: $19 million