Midwest Metal Products

Project Completed in
Michigan City, IN

Project Features

Interior Mezzanine Addition

Inventory Space Expansion

Maintenance Shop

Loading Dock Expansion

Project Description

In the realm of structural shape bending, Midwest Metal Products stands as an unrivaled leader, producing more rolled angle ring flanges than any other company globally. Witnessing an exponential surge in demand, this industrial manufacturing expansion was ideal for our team’s expertise.

To meet the escalating demands head-on, Tonn and Blank orchestrated a transformative expansion, amplifying the inventory area by an impressive 5,355 square feet. The ripple effect of this expansion was nothing short of revolutionary – an enhanced flow of shipments seamlessly coursing through the facility, alleviating congestion and optimizing operational efficiency.

Navigating uncharted waters, our team at Tonn and Blank took on a distinctive challenge during the loading dock addition. The task at hand involved the installation of a colossal steel truss, strategically designed to eliminate existing exterior columns, paving the way for an unobstructed pathway to progress.

industrial manufacturing midwest metal products

However, this ambitious endeavor was not limited to the loading dock alone. Tonn and Blank spearheaded an expansive project that included a visionary 40,000 square foot interior mezzanine addition, a substantial loading dock expansion, the construction of a cutting-edge maintenance shop, a modern breakroom, sophisticated office spaces, and a locker room equipped with showers for the convenience of the hardworking staff.

industrial manufacturing midwest metal products

The comprehensive nature of the industrial manufacturing expansion project underscored the capabilities of our self-perform teams. Taking charge from excavation to the meticulous details of foundation and concrete work, our teams executed the removal and reinstallation of dock levelers. But that’s not all – Tonn and Blank fabricated the structural steel at our headquarters, ensuring unparalleled precision in every weld and connection. The framing, roofing, and siding installation were seamlessly integrated into the narrative of this grand transformation.

Tonn and Blank Construction is proud to deliver a revitalized facility that not only meets increased demand for our customer but sets the benchmark for excellence in the industrial manufacturing realm.