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Single Point of Responsibility.

Our focus is bringing together a team of designers and builders who believe in persistent communication and who are engrossed in the collaboration process to bring the best ideas to the project. Costs are reduced, aggressive schedules are achieved, and quality in never compromised.

Unique to Tonn and Blank, we have in-house architects, engineers, BIM technicians, and program managers on staff. Because of this holistic approach to the design and construction process, we are able to execute projects under one roof, with a unified vision and a single source of responsibility.

Your Complete Team

  • Team continuity
  • Superior communication
  • Faster and better decision making
  • Clear lines of responsibility
  • Cost savings through unified decision making
  • Smooth facility opening and operations through complete coordination of construction, FF&E, IT, procurement, and logistics
  • Conduct feasibility studies
  • Assist owner with site selection
  • Perform preconstruction services
  • Establish and maintain cost controls
  • Establish and maintain project quality controls

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